Finger Buffet

To round off the perfect day why not add our delicious finger buffet combining some classic savoury and sweet treats!
Our finger buffet is a combination of all the following items and is priced at £8/head

Mini Smoked Salmon Bagels
Mini bagels filled with cream cheese, dill & Scottish smoked salmon

Buffet Selection Pack
The ever popular combination of Pork cocktail sausages, Sausage rolls, Savoury eggs & Pork pies


Double Chocolate Mini Muffins
Beautiful light chocolate sponge with chocolate chips

Vegetarian Party Quiche Assortment
Cheese & onion, mushroom and roasted vegetable mini quiches

Chicken Saté
Marinated Thai chicken breast fillets, on a wooden skewers, served with a sweet chilli dip

Mini Cheesecake Selection
Raspberry, mango & passion fruit and chocolate orange mini Cheesecakes

Cheese & Biscuits
A mixture of Cheddar, Gouda, Austrian smoked mini, Edam, soft cheese, Emmental, soft cheese with garlic & herbs all served with a cracker selection and butter