Dessert menu

Our decadent desserts are the perfect finale to your party menu and at a cost of £3/head will add a delicious finishing touch at an affordable price.
In most circumstances we would recommend that you choose 3 different desserts and we will supply enough to comfortably go around.

Caramel Pecan Brownie

A rich gooey chocolate brownie base, smothered with pecans, chocolate and caramel sauce

Peach Melba Torte
Madeira sponge topped with vanilla flavour mousse & raspberry sauce, topped with sliced peaches & Scottish raspberries

Rocky Road Cheesecake
Chocolate biscuit base, a layer of chocolate and then vanilla cheesecake engulfing milk chocolate chunks. Topped with a milk chocolate ganâche and decorated with brownie pieces

Caramelised Orange Cheesecake
A rich creamy cheesecake with orange zest on a digestive biscuit base, topped with orange segments and caramel sauce

Chocolate Fudge Lumpy Bumpy Cake
Chocolate fudge cake topped with chocolate truffle and vanilla flavour cheesecake, covered in chocolate glaze and chocolate shavings

Black Forest Gateaux
 3 light, chocolate flavoured sponge layers containing a filling of blackcurrant jam (with blackcurrants) in the bottom and dairy cream in the top layer

Coffee Mandarin Gateaux
Coffee flavoured sponge layered with dairy cream and apricot sauce, coated with chocolate flakes, decorated with mandarin segments

Gold Diggers Chocolate Crunch
Chocolate pastry case encasing a chocolate & toffee flavour mousse, with honeycomb pieces, decorated with chocolate & butterscotch pieces

Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake
Biscuit crumb base topped with baked almond & cream cheese filling with swirls of red cherry compote sprinkled with crunchy toasted almonds


Mile High Chocolate Gateaux
Four layers of moist, rich, chocolate fudge cake, totally smothered in a dark chocolate fudge icing and decorated with chunks of brownie, chocolate chips and chocolate icing

Key Lime Pie
A ginger shortcrust pastry filled with a tangy lime flavoured filling and topped with a mallow style meringue that has been lightly browned

Banoffee Pie
Sticky toffee sauce packed with slices of banana on crumbly biscuit base topped with cream & cocoa dusting

Two marsala soaked sponges layered with coffee cream and zabaglione cream, dusted with cocoa powder