Canapé Menu

Delight your guests with a combination of mouth-watering canapés from our range of options below. Please choose 4 options and we’ll supply enough to tantalise your guest's taste buds!
We charge £5/head for Canapés.

Classic Canapé Selection
Pork & chicken liver pâté with cranberry, avocado & prawn, pepper salsa & goats cheese topped crostini’s

Mini Smoked Salmon Bagels
Mini bagels filled with cream cheese, dill & Scottish smoked salmon

Vegetarian Party Quiche Assortment
Cheese & onion, mushroom and roasted vegetable mini quiches

Luxury Canapé Assortment
Curried cheese with chicken tikka blinis; devilled eggs and cherry tomato on mini breads; garlic & herb cheese with sundried tomato & cucumber on rye bread; goat’s cheese & sweet pepper on mini breads; green peas & mint blinis; guacamole & crab meat blinis; salami & wholegrain mustard on mini breads; smoked salmon & chive cream blinis

Smoked Salmon Blinis
Bite-size pancakes topped with soft cream cheese, decorated with sliced smoked salmon

Mini Savoury Brioche Selection
Duck mousse with port, red pepper mousse topped with poppy seeds, smoked trout mousse topped with pea flakes

Smoked Salmon Canapé Selection
A selection of handmade smoke salmon canapés in different flavours: oriental crab roulade, cream cheese & chive sandwich, sundried tomato & red pepper triangle, salmon & cucumber square, salmon & lemon roll