Frequently Asked Questions

With our years of experience we know that you'll have lots of questions to ask about your forth-coming event. Hopefully our FAQs will help you to get some answers. Alternatively do not hesitate to contact Natalie by e-mail or phone and she will talk you through every step of the process.

Q:  What area do you cover?
A:  We work mainly in the South East of England, please click here for more details


Q:  What time will my chef arrive and require access to the cooking site?

A:  At least 6 and a half hours prior to service as our hogs are cooked on site from fresh.

Q:  Do you need access to power?
A:  No, our machines cook on gas and turn on a 12v power source, both of which we supply.

Q:  What staff are supplied?
A:  With our catered options we supply one experienced chef to cook, carve and serve your Hog Roast. If you order salads and sides, these are served buffet style.

Q:  How long will my Hog Roast be served for?
A:  Normal service is up to 2 hours. A far speedier service can be delivered if required!

Q:  How many people does 1 pig feed?
A:  Our smallest pigs feed 60-80 and our largest feed up to 200, sized and priced accordingly.

Q:  Can you do a Hog Roast for less than 60 people?
A:  We can supply a suckling pig to feed approx 10 or half a pig to feed up to 40. POA

Q:  Do you supply veggie or other meat options?
A:  We can supply veggie burgers, lamb, chicken or turkey. POA


Q:  What happens if there are any leftovers?

A:  At the end of service any remaining food is placed onto platters for you to keep.

Q:  What happens if it rains?
A:  Catered options include a 3x3m gazebo to cover the cooking and serving area.